Project 3.0 Adaptation and Alteration.

Final images and cutouts from my sketchbooks.
A Watchmakers Kiosk, Pinklane, Newcastle upon Tyne.

In this project the brief set out the task of designing a kiosk within the site and context of the previous project 2.0, the essential constraint was the footprint of the design has to be less than twelve meters squared and single story. My given typology was a watchmaker, with the location of my kiosk being on pink lane, I decided to carry out investigation into the processes and equipment behind watchmaking, to establish a good understanding of the specific environmental requirements, the implications of such small scale work and any possible concepts that could inspire the design of the given typology. 

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Project 3.1: Watch Parts.

Taking apart watches gave an indication of the scale at which watchmakers work. This gave a good insight into problems that arise from working with watches, including the need for specific lighting.